hanging hearts tutorial

hanging hearts

Hanging Hearts – Mixed Media Art for the masses…. You will LOVE to do this little project. Hop on over to the US Artquest Blog to get the tutorial. I put mine in a frame and wrote ‘love you’ (my words for 2012) in the corner . Send me a picture of what you do –

Hanging Hearts Mixed Media Artwork

Exciting Art News…for a Happy and Creative 2012

US Art Quest Logo   The cat is out of the bag…. I was asked to be a part of the US Artquest Design Team…. and beginning January 5th and every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, I will post a new technique to inspire your mixed media art work. Check the  blog  to meet the other members of the New Design Team…

A fun pile of Christmas Canvas work

christmas canvas
christmas graphics

  These litte 4 x 4 x 1 1/2″ canvas pieces are very fun. Some are christmas themes, one is a birthday wish (better than a card …) and one is just a tiny piece to give to your true love.

christmas canvas
The Trio’s of Christmas and Winter

 These are sort of the same – a trio of images for christmas or winter.

Angelworks 2011

And here thye are :

Mixed Media Angels

 Two brunettes, one curly Blonde (her name should be Elizabeth….) and one with a Halo.

They are individually for sale in the Loose Thread Studios at etsy
$20-$25.00 each. Totally original artwork, no prints… AS always, profits are turned over to a Kick in the Grass !

Air Mail…seriously

I have always collected stamps. My Dad started the hobby for me when we lived in Burlington, a long, long time ago. He was always about the ‘new’ sheets, and first day covers…. I however, secretly coveted the old stamps – especially those with a cancellation. That little ‘blob’ of ink tells you where the stamp may have traveled, and in some cases, exactly what day.  There is a stash of these really old postcards at an antique store in Winston Salem, but most of the pictures and the messages are unworthy of attention from an artsy perspective HOWEVER – those with 1 cent stamps are one hundred years old ! and the handwriting – OMG – they just don’t teach form like that anymore – hell, they don’t even teach cursive in the south.  What to do with them?

Postal Bird Watercolor
100 year old postcard with Water Color Bird

 For 35 cents a piece (where is the cent sign on the computer anyway?),
they have become art…


bird, nightingale, thrush,flowers
Bird Obscura

This is a nightingale obscura – hidden amongst the flowers. The enclopedia says they look like a thrush – I couldn’t find a nightingale, but I did find a thrush in DH’s bird book – so this is MY nightingale. His eye looks like a cartoon, but I love how the feathers came out – pencil with pastels and a little watercolor. THIS is why I love mixed media.

here is what I like about summer

Sometimes, nothing matters. It is a good and a bad feeling at the same time, we are going with the ‘good’ here. Here are two mixed media pieces. the first was actually the bottom piece – you know the one with the star fish that looks good. The lettering got screwed up becuase my faithful companion (the furry one) nudged me with the pen in my hand while I was writing – he needed a bone and it made no difference to him what I was doing. (He is truly a canine child.) So I ripped off the bad part and set about making a ‘new’ flat copy. Then I suddenly realized that I could rebuild the tide with other ‘mistakes’. I like it, but there really isn’t room for any lettering. So I finished the other one.  (The shadows are n’t actually on the top piece, the flat scanner made them because the waves on the bottom piece made it.

Starfish at the Beach
Starfish at the Beach, aux Deux

finding philly…

We never go to the city when we come to NJ – so yesterday – we put son #1 to the task – that’s right Pats vs. Geno’s and ‘desert’ at Fergies…

my personal destination was Dick Blick Art Supply, but when in philly…. beer and steaks

Gone to the Beach (which is at the lake)

Gone to the Beach
Gone to the Beach
Now it’s our turn for a rest.
Posts from there, if kharma allows.
Peace. Quiet. Yeah.
5 x 7 watercolor
mounted temporarily on card stock
Frame and hang next to your door when you go to the beach !
(or the shore if you are a Jersey girl…)