Word Garden ?

color drop flowers
Rusty , but Beautiful

I love dictionary and encylopedia pages. During an epic trash session (this is where i actually get DH to throw¬†things away) he agreed to let go of a set of encyclopedias from 1980 something. I picked the A-N and O-Z compendiums out of the trash (I will pick my own trash, but not other peoples…).

They are now a paper sources for some drawings… This one, sprayed with workable fixative first – is watercolor and ink. The flowers look rusty, but I like the colors. I don’t think it is finished yet, but I want to sit on it for a while.

This page is an “O” page – omniprescence and oolong are the words at the top.¬† I have an older friend at the lake, she is the grandmother of the children that my kids hang with, she is omniprescence, because her style of both parenting and grandparenting is one I admire. I suppose all grandparents are omniprescence, but even after we leave the lake, for months, her pleasantness stays with me – reminding me that one day, I too will be mom-mom… she also loves yellow, so maybe, this is subliminally inspired by Barbara.