i am tired of winter… yada yada yada

When life gives you sleet – make SUMMER ART. There is little you can do about Mother Nature – except maybe alter her works of art a little to create a new work of art.

Patriotic Sea Star
Patriotic Sea Star

Anyone who is experiencing the remnants of winter has just had it. My friend Dave pleaded with MN to stop her snow fall – nicely even. My cousin Elizabeth has her two boys morphing the snow man into monstrous, bloody dudes – just how many sweet snow people can you make until you have to start interjecting your own ideas – this is truly a sign that enough, my dear mother nature, is enough.

If you see Al Gore today ask him why the Great Lakes are roughly 80% solid ice – probably because of global warming. Right……

I just heard, while writing this post, a tree fall in the woods. I am not in the woods, but for those that have pondered this question about the tree making noise all you life… i will just say that It Does.

Love your day, make some colorful art and for-get-ta-bout the weather. – Ann

Coral Sea Star
Coral Sea Star
Blue and Green Sea Star
Blue and Green Sea Star
The original Sea Star 0 purple and blue.
The original Sea Star – purple and blue.
Orange  and Pink Sea Star
Orange and Pink Sea Star

Visit Paint Party Friday: Paint Party Friday: Week 52, Year 3 Check-In

Flight and doodling

Doodling is many things- relaxation, art form, unconscious entertainment and for me a flight mechanism . If i want to leave the present – just for a few minutes- i let the pen take over .

seeing that Butterflies are the essence of flight , they seem to make an appropriate subject matter !

Hope your day is filled with a moment or two of flight – even if its just a martini in the backyard with your bestest buddy.



Winterized Wonders at Meadowlark
Winterized Wonders at Meadowlark

I did not get a chance to participate in Paint Party Friday yesterday because my little apprentices and I were setting up for the debut of Whimsyville at MMS.

There were a lot of happy comments and even some sold work ! One of the pieces that I loved and never scanned was sold during set up. It was the “City of Brotherly Love” (Philly).

One of the parents that I have known for a while and had forgotten was an art director said “I love the depth and the texture and the subject matter”.

Sharing my art is makes me happy – it is just something that money can not buy.

Next show – Whimsical Women the first weekend in May (see flyer below – these are girls after my own heart) !

Whimsyhood- it’s construction time

Part of building a body of work is finding common ground on which to create multiple pieces. At Whimsyville it’s almost spring and that means “new” construction. Here are the first few pieces for the new neighborhood or rather, Whimsyhood! Happy PPF. Please join Paint Party Friday in its efforts to support the community of Sandy Hook – there is some great art work up for auction.



Body of work- Beachlife and Freshfish

In an effort to grow the body of work that I call Beachlife , this little pair finished yesterday will be added to the pile. I will never tire of giving fish , crabs and other sea creatures their own character marks- they just make me happy. Hope you all have a great PPF and weekend.


You are my inspiration

Every once in a while I will get addicted to another artist’s work. At first I stare, then I try to do it justice by imitation (something some art teacher taught me in school), and then I try to adapt the learning to my own style. If you take classes in a certain style or technique, it eventually makes its appearance in your own work. As one of my current teachers says    ‘ practice, practice, practice’ …(like I didn’t hear that enough growing up with piano lessons once a week for what felt like eternity).

This weeks artwork is

watercolor, ink and marker
watercolor, ink and marker

Jimmy Buffett – it is art

Jimmy Buffett
  feb 9, 2013 JB

There wasn’t a lot of art done last week, I was totally distracted by our opportunity to be with 1198 of our closest friends in a private concert with Jimmy Buffett. I was mesmerized . It’ll never happen again in a million years. Fortunate doesn’t even cover it.

Usually we get grass seats and watch him on the big screen and this time, I couldn’t even see the big screen – only Jimmy. I think DH was watching the reeferettes more…. whoa baby.

Fins Up.