At the risk of repeating myself – Who am I, deux ?

owl painting
a little lighter, and a whole lot messed up..

Owls #2

Sometimes when you run a series of paintings weird things happen. The dude was a mess. He is now fortunately covered by a paper version, but his ‘texture’ was lost and it feels like cheating a little. While collage is a very legitimate artful category, the point was stick to the canvas and paint.

Oh well, may my path to artists’ hell continue for I have now mixed Golden fluid acrylics with the ‘cheap’ stuff , Liquitex glaze, Heavy Artist’s Cement  from US Artquest to hold the dude in place and I think we just about hit every manufacturer there is.

There were supposed to be 4 in this series, but I think I might just end the pain here.

completed 12/28/12.

Have a very whimsyful day !

well, it looks like christmas, it smells like christmas, so,

what’s up with the fish….? These guys have nothing to do with Christmas except perhaps to put a smile on your face. As a sketch, they later became ‘pins’ using Studio Cloth from USArtQest. Most of today was spent painting – but these were a fun ‘relief’ from the seriousness of a ‘real’ canvas. – have a very artful today. Tomorrow, the annual Merry Christmas from North Carolina piece…

Fresh FishStix Sketches
Fresh FishStix Sketches
Fish Pin
Three little FishStix to put on your bag, sweater or backpack

Alphabet Mania

So for the last several weeks I have disappeared into the world of Joanne Sharpe’s  Artful Alphabets, though not exactly what I expected – it was very fun, funky and a great learning experience.informative. I was suprised and happy to learn something a little different than I thought I was going to!. Joanne obviously has a gift for sharing and teaching.

At the same time I took, Marie Browning’s Tombow Marker Lettering Class . No less amazing and wonderful, Marie is also a marvelous teacher and these Markers are really fun. I shied away from markers in the past, no more !

Two teachers, two styles and now, I am a lettering fool. I have SO many pieces to share and I need to sit down, scan them and show you.

If you need a little ‘break’ from other stuff going on this time of year, I highly recommend either or both.

Artfully yours,


Monday, March 12th Prills Frills Blog Hop

Prill Frills Cards  Happy Monday and welcome to Prills Frills – the Blog Hop. Visit each blog and comment to win your choice of 6 prills colors !  Winner will be announced at USArtQuest on March 18th. Be sure to enter by Midnight on March 17th  …

 Here are three cards made with the new prills.  They are a pearl-like embellishment that you can add to give your work extra texture.

 The “spring” card was constructed by making three Easter eggs and painting them with MicaColors. Using Perfect Paper Adhesive and a small brush, designs were painted onto two of  the eggs and the Prills were added for texture. The purple egg was placed under a stencil mask,  101 Artist’s Cement was applied with a palette knife and then the Prills were added.

Paint the eggs with MicaColors
Apply Artists Cement Heavy through a Mask


For the Shell Card, PPA was applied to a rubber stamp and then stamped onto black card stock. The ivory Prills were added and allowed to dry before fussy cutting and then adhering to mulbery paper. A piece of twine was used to close the card.

The blue card was a direct to paper application of the PPA with a brush. This is an fun and easy technique that a child might enjoy. You could paint one large easter egg on a card with the PPA and add several colors of Prills. They are perfect for kids becuase they are non-toxic and will accept color (not that you need to because there are many colors available.

Hope you enjoyed these three ideas and you find a fun way to play with the Prills. Continue on your Blog Hop to see some other ideas and for your chance to win !

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US ArtQuest meet Letter Love 101

Mixed Media Studio Cloth Letter Love


I love to combine materials and ideas and this month for my design team project with US ArtQuest  (you can go there to get the directions)…I used some Studio Cloth, the sewing machine, and some Mica Watercolors and created something a little Ann, a litte Joanne and really rich in color and sparkle.

I added to the art sandbox journal that i keep. I hated the thing under it, so I made it pretty by adding this with a little Perfect Paper Adhesive. 

Hope it makes you smile.

Fun, New technique

I like experiments.  Here are a few and on Thursday, Feb.2nd you will be able to learn how on the USArtQuest Blog !