it’s almost sweetie time

love is more importantGelli printing and hand lettering – a match made for me.  While these are both digital versions – hand lettering done first, and rendered in Photoshop and the gelli is a scan – I can now do the ‘real’ thing with confidence. I really love this print and with #gellis you can never get the same result twice. I did also try in in the center and it didn’t do anything for me…so scan and audition – and then decide.  Hope you have a wonderful sweetie is more important2

Sunday Fun-Days


I’ve been teaching myself to digitize my artwork. This is a combination of my hand lettering and an abstract Watercolor flower.  I decided that it might be fun to create a new way to share artwork…. so….

Introducing a new art game – kinda like Cards Against Humanity except you pick the answers from your life instead of a pile of cards (and you decide whether or not it’s humane…)

To play, simply put your choice of fill in the blanks in the comment section or print the piece, add your words and share (#whimsyvillefun) or post on Whimsyville’s Facebook  Page under today’s post (Jan. 24, 2016) . Best original answer wins a ‘digital’ version to print out …. tell me what you are thinking, good or bad….

Have a great week – Love, Ann





It’s that time of year when publicly, you exclaim your love by purchasing cards, gifts , flowers or a lovely dinner for your sweetheart.

Um No. I am fortunate – I have had the same valentine for 20 years yet it seems like just yesterday we were married. To celebrate Valentines day there is always a small piece of art. They sit on the mantle and then get stashed away with the others sometime in March or eventually become overshadowed by Senior Pictures or birthday cards. Yet there in the drawer of the armoire, are 19 pieces of my heART- a testament to the love that still feels new.

Alphabet Mania

So for the last several weeks I have disappeared into the world of Joanne Sharpe’s  Artful Alphabets, though not exactly what I expected – it was very fun, funky and a great learning experience.informative. I was suprised and happy to learn something a little different than I thought I was going to!. Joanne obviously has a gift for sharing and teaching.

At the same time I took, Marie Browning’s Tombow Marker Lettering Class . No less amazing and wonderful, Marie is also a marvelous teacher and these Markers are really fun. I shied away from markers in the past, no more !

Two teachers, two styles and now, I am a lettering fool. I have SO many pieces to share and I need to sit down, scan them and show you.

If you need a little ‘break’ from other stuff going on this time of year, I highly recommend either or both.

Artfully yours,