Angelworks 2011

And here thye are :

Mixed Media Angels

 Two brunettes, one curly Blonde (her name should be Elizabeth….) and one with a Halo.

They are individually for sale in the Loose Thread Studios at etsy
$20-$25.00 each. Totally original artwork, no prints… AS always, profits are turned over to a Kick in the Grass !

here is what I like about summer

Sometimes, nothing matters. It is a good and a bad feeling at the same time, we are going with the ‘good’ here. Here are two mixed media pieces. the first was actually the bottom piece – you know the one with the star fish that looks good. The lettering got screwed up becuase my faithful companion (the furry one) nudged me with the pen in my hand while I was writing – he needed a bone and it made no difference to him what I was doing. (He is truly a canine child.) So I ripped off the bad part and set about making a ‘new’ flat copy. Then I suddenly realized that I could rebuild the tide with other ‘mistakes’. I like it, but there really isn’t room for any lettering. So I finished the other one.  (The shadows are n’t actually on the top piece, the flat scanner made them because the waves on the bottom piece made it.

Starfish at the Beach
Starfish at the Beach, aux Deux

lost and found

While rummaging through the desk, I found this really cool letter from 1958 from the daughter of DH’s mom-mom’s boyfriend…(who knew she had a boyfriend…) They went to germany in 1958 and described in detail, the still visible effects of WWII. Fascinating – four pages of expertly typed descriptions of castle visits, foreign foods and souvenirs that they were contemplating the purchase of. It is a little like peeking into a person journal, and a little like spying – but things like this make a great foundation for collage ! I consider it Lost and since found – use it for your work if you would like …

mail envelope 1958
mailing envelope from 1958