schuw – summers over.

Sample Coloring Page: the Hipster
Sample Coloring Page: the Hipster

Sometimes it is sad, sometimes it is happy. This one was a little warm for me personally but it was filled with such abundance and fortune – at least in my mind. Nothing ‘huge’ happened, a little 21 person family fun, a quick trip to the lake house and a lot of ‘fresh’ ideas for some artwork.

Now, we get down to business – more art.

So I am experimenting with some ideas, based on my last post – from JUNE (holy cow). Good ideas take time.

Here is the blank if you’d like to color one too and the question is…. If you were to purchase
a coloring book of my work, would you prefer that I add the doodles and
you just color or would you prefer to add them yourself?
(You would be provided with some tiny bit of guidance and some samples 🙂 ).

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.


12 thoughts on “schuw – summers over.

  1. LOve the hippo. He has great colors and textures.I would be an add doodles myself, but I think lots of crafty people who don’t do art all the time would prefer them there


  2. I think I would prefer a mix of options for a coloring book. Many people who buy them are looking to just get in some good zen time and fill in the colors. Yet, there are some that would like the freedom to do their own designs. So, maybe you could offer both in a book. It would allow for people to see examples of what can be done. I have a place in my heart for hippos and I love yours!

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  3. The Hippo is simply wonderful. All the fabulous colors.
    I have some “Adult Coloring Books” They are the best thing for me. I color at night to settle my brain and relax. I think what ever you put out for a coloring book would do very well right not. Good luck.


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