Back to the regularly scheduled Sea Art

I am so drawn to the sea. Perhaps it is because I was born in March as a Pisces (although I am not too ‘into’ the whole astrological thingy ma bob), perhaps it was my grandfathers work with boats and taking us out or that we went to the beach for vacation. Whatever it is, it is me.  We will go this year in a few weeks. I will come home with more ideas, but for now – here are some recent paintings ;

Crab Painting
Bohemian Crab , 16 x 20


sea star
4 x 4 tiny sea creatures ! angler fish, starfish and two crabs.

16 thoughts on “Back to the regularly scheduled Sea Art

  1. I love the colors you used! I can see this adorable set hanging in a little powder room…they are so cute!!

    Hugs Giggles


  2. oh these are so pretty with their bright colors!! I too am a Pisces and totally drawn to the sea 🙂 Happy PPF!


    1. Sarah – the angler fish was on facebook for about three minutes and then sold. I may have to do some more- I can think of a million things to ‘dangle’.


  3. I live on the Oregon coast. Blocks from the beach in one direction and blocks from the river in the other direction. I feel like I am drowning here. I am a Taurus, earth earth earth. my hubby is a Pieces he loves it here. uuuhhggggg.
    With that said I do like your colorful ocean art.


    1. NIcole – that cracks me up. My husband is also not into the beach. Maybe we should trade ? Your environment is so awesome. I was married in Portland and one of our day trips was to Cannon Beach. I LOVED it. It’s so different from the beach here – yet just as lovely in an entirely different way.


  4. oh, i love this little crab… and all your other sea creatures! So much fun. And for the record, those brilliant little birdie doodles you have on the right are just ADORABLE. Yes, very whimsical AND so cute! xx


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