It’s that time of year when publicly, you exclaim your love by purchasing cards, gifts , flowers or a lovely dinner for your sweetheart.

Um No. I am fortunate – I have had the same valentine for 20 years yet it seems like just yesterday we were married. To celebrate Valentines day there is always a small piece of art. They sit on the mantle and then get stashed away with the others sometime in March or eventually become overshadowed by Senior Pictures or birthday cards. Yet there in the drawer of the armoire, are 19 pieces of my heART- a testament to the love that still feels new.

14 thoughts on “Sweethearts…

  1. Your ending sentiments made me think of my blog title on Tumblr, “Cabinet of Old Secret Loves”. We all have old loves we keep in our hearts and in armoires and cabinets… : ) Love your hearts, especially “The End”.

    Annabelle : )


  2. Oh! HOW I love that! I am very much in love with my husband too – and we’ve been together for 18 years! Since he was 19! I wish I had 18 art pieces for him – but you just inspired me to do something handmade for him, thank you! This is just gorgeous by the way, I love the loose script and swirlies 😉 xo


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