i’m late, what else is new

So my class-room buddy from an online class, Joanna Grant, started a mixed media sharing spot on Facebook called ARTFUL OF SOUL Mixed Media & More!. She (and we) post little things that we find helpful, interesting or whatever related to the art known as mixed media – which anymore seems to describe anything. It sort of feels like it turned into ‘scrapbooking’ when that overtook ‘crafting’ in the world of creative market.

Any who – one of the members offered a little challenge – my crap is still packed up in the renovation and not having access to any alcohol inks, i elected to use watercolors and this is what happens when you are ready a holistic magazine with an article about happiness and painting at the same time:

Landscape with Seuss
Landscape with Seuss

and so late as I am for PPF, this is NOT a pet portrait and clearly demonstrates my ADD  (Artistic Direction Disorder) – i did not follow the directions . I just can’t.

Whimsy and Wishes for a great day. Love. Ann

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