Commissioning, the Opinionator and Evoking Emotion

Commissioning: For this, I am so thankful. I love creating the art that people have said “I need that – but would you please do this….”. It makes me feel connected to the collectors and very happy that my work speaks to them.

However, I hear a lot of people openly ‘criticize’ my subject matter – ‘It’s not useable’, “it’s weird” or “it’s not Fine Art”. Um…ok. Truly,  I don’t care that they voice their opinions as they are absolutely entitled to the thoughts and their reactions to what they see. It’s not hurtful, its just part of the gig.  It will however, not change my style. you either love or you do not. It’s okay…

I was told earlier this week that I am not ‘artist’ like – I find this funny. What exactly is ‘artist-like’. I am fortunate to have both an acumen for the practical business side and the whimsical creative side- two brained if you will. I am truly blessed (this is a “southern-nice” word for fortunate) to have such ability. This ‘agent’ was trying to land me into her $750 program. I asked for details of the program, but was more interested in seeking a licensing agent for some of the more reproducible works. She asked for my portfolio – I gave her the private link. She then picked out the three pieces of about 300 that were similar to other licensed works. One being angels. I make angels. They do not have faces. I can’t create a face that speaks to the sweetness that the collages evoke. She said this was too much like Kelly Rae Roberts. I am truly flattered by the comparison, but alas, they are not even close.

They are done, one at a time, based on the client providing me with a palette and some materials. They are often HIGHLY personal – containing items such as a letter from a deceased family member, tickets from an event, you get the drift.  They are not meant for ‘mass destruction’ (reproduction, licensing, cards)  they are meant to hang in your home, to provide comfort for a lost loved one and as a ‘guardian’ to a child or other important person or event in your life.

I really think she missed the entire point of ART – evoking emotion – I try to stick with the happy art for happy people theme, but sometimes we need to look beyond that – love, memories and comfort as important parts of life. I will not be using this agent nor will I be taking her $750 class that tells you to put your artwork on mock-ups. I already know that.  🙂

Grandma D
Grandma D

This personal Angelwork was done as a sample. 16 x 20, it contains a hand written letter from my grandmother (congratulating us on our marriage) , A map page from a trip that we took, a bunch of tiny snowflakes to remind us of our skiing adventures (dates) and a heart to represent our love for one another…. Obviously, no face could express these memories….

12 thoughts on “Commissioning, the Opinionator and Evoking Emotion

  1. I don’t make fine art either but I sure like what you do! Whimsical fun art makes people smile. I love your angel and it’s very cool that you added a letter from your grandmother. What a lovely idea 🙂


  2. Artist like? What’s the definition of that exactly? And who decided? Guess that’s unveiled to you after the $750! I like whimsical and feel there is a market for all kinds & styles of art.


  3. Such a well thought out and written post. Not artist-like?? Really?? And what makes this appealing and wanting someone to spend such a huge amt. of money on this person’s class??? Your art holds special meaning and that speaks volumes-keep on following YOUR passions and heart’s desires!


  4. It’s hard enough for an artist to feel comfortable wearing the label artist, I’d be skeptical of anyone charging money and telling me my art is ” not useable.” First off having your own unique style sells better than mainstream. I’m with you, I never expect people to like my work…it’s their choice…thankfully we all have different tastes! If they like it, bonus, if not, oh well!!I love bright colors that is NOT going to change! I think cute always sells and you know how to do cute, fun and happy very well…you don’t need to pay money to have someone tell you that! You go girl!

    Hugs Giggles


    1. Giggles – you are right. Often ‘agents’ have opinions and seek a niche. I am not a niche by any stretch. I don’t landscape, I don’t paint ‘normal’ flora nor do I paint fauna…. mainstream has never been within me… I am just near real….


  5. Someone who doesn’t follow the different whimsies that are out there is quick to judge and compare to other artists. I don’t think your painting is anything like Kelly Rae’s. Keep it up. 🙂


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