Whimsyville meets Gelli

It goes without saying that this Gelli Printing thing is addictive – in fact, if you want, you can get a badge for your blog that says you are an addict. (Um, I will not be getting the badge because that would imply that I have an ‘art issue’ and perhaps could lead to a 12 step program in which I would no longer purchase art toys… so, no.)

Anywho – in these prints I see Whimsyville Villages – so without further ado (except that they will get more layers and be reposted in the future) here are three experiments…

Bird Cage
Bird Cage

Whimsyville Garden

Whimsyville Stars in the Sky
Whimsyville Stars in the Sky


13 thoughts on “Whimsyville meets Gelli

  1. haha I laughed at your story of the 12 step…oh G-d forbid!!! lol You are hilarious. I love your creations. I’ve not been a fan of what I’ve seen with the Gelli, as I did printing in art in University and wasn’t a fan…HOWEVER…this is the first I’ve LOVED! Your colors and unpredictable shapes behind the houses are wonderful, passionate and just pure delight. You may have converted me….Hmmmm….I’ll get back to you on that! lol HPPF and have a great weekend as well.


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