Flight and doodling

Doodling is many things- relaxation, art form, unconscious entertainment and for me a flight mechanism . If i want to leave the present – just for a few minutes- i let the pen take over .

seeing that Butterflies are the essence of flight , they seem to make an appropriate subject matter !

Hope your day is filled with a moment or two of flight – even if its just a martini in the backyard with your bestest buddy.



12 thoughts on “Flight and doodling

  1. Very nice!! Well done….I agree it’s a wonderful way to lose yourself in the moment… so enjoyable!
    Not to mention the natural high that can come with completion of a project!

    Hugs Giggles


  2. wow wow wow your doodling is absolutely gorgeous! i love how you wrote the word fly as well and yes, it is so relaxing and cathartic. i can’t wait to see more! heArtfully yours, samara HPPF


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