23 thoughts on “Beach on the mind

  1. I think it’s finished. I love to think of warm, sunny, bright colors like in your beautiful work, especially on snowy days like today. I hope the snow doesn’t change to ice rain here.


  2. Love the colors and it’s so nice and warm. I just bought some alcohol markers so it’s nice to see how you used them with watercolor. I’m intrigued by your may not be finished comment. It’s great as it is, but it will be interesting to see what you add to it. The fish and it’s eye seems to be the focal point now. Good luck!


  3. We were going to head to the beach today as it is Summer here but the tail end of a hurricane has put and end to that… lots of rain and wind… so I am loving the painting because it reminds me of the weekend we had planned at least!!!


  4. Oh, yes…thoughts of the beach do warm my heart on a cold winter’s day! I love your painting. It’s so bright and cheerful! It makes me long to feel the sand between my toes 🙂


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