At the risk of repeating myself – Who am I, deux ?

owl painting
a little lighter, and a whole lot messed up..

Owls #2

Sometimes when you run a series of paintings weird things happen. The dude was a mess. He is now fortunately covered by a paper version, but his ‘texture’ was lost and it feels like cheating a little. While collage is a very legitimate artful category, the point was stick to the canvas and paint.

Oh well, may my path to artists’ hell continue for I have now mixed Golden fluid acrylics with the ‘cheap’ stuff , Liquitex glaze, Heavy Artist’s Cement  from US Artquest to hold the dude in place and I think we just about hit every manufacturer there is.

There were supposed to be 4 in this series, but I think I might just end the pain here.

completed 12/28/12.

Have a very whimsyful day !

9 thoughts on “At the risk of repeating myself – Who am I, deux ?

  1. I think it’s great that you experimented with media in this piece!
    The layers are great!
    Happy PPF!!


  2. I like what you did here! It doesn’t seem messed up to me at all. I like your colors a lot. I had to really laugh at your so-called ‘sins’ because I’ve committed some of those very same ‘sins.’


  3. I think the layers are great too! But I am one who is happiest when breaking all the art “rules” and mixing together all kinds of material. Keep it up! I love where you’re going with this.


  4. Well, I think the dude is pretty cute. You are right, sometimes a series can go awry, but I find usually there is some good thing that came of it even if not all finished pieces. Nice to find you through PPF.


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