Who am I ?

Who am I ? Well, that question will never be answered, but here are the results from my class with Jodi Ohl.  I think if you visit her sweet blog, you will definitely see her ‘influence’ on this work.

Mixed Media Owl

I will probably get ‘flack’ for this – but I have never been a fan of owls. They scare me. BUT…. I found out that they really take characterization well. I may just try another one as we all know how I love to make things my own. The techniques
were great and very worth the tiny investment. You can take the class too if you wish , just visit  Creative Workshops .

There are three different types of Acrylics in this piece – for that, I will surely go to artist hell – I have never been one to use only a single product in any project – so why start now. This is one reason that I LOVE mixed media so much.

This has india ink outlines – I told Jodi in a message that I didn’t think I would like them, I actually love them.

I used a white Uni-ball Signo Pen for the details.

The base is canvas- also something that I used to not like and now adore. It is all a matter of playing and practicing until you feel comfortable.

11 thoughts on “Who am I ?

  1. I just love how these colors bring a bit of whimsy to this delightful piece! I tend to mix different brands of paints too-can’t always afford to buy the “good” stuff. But it all works,right? That Signo pen is the best invention-no other white pen can compare. Happy PPF and happy 2013!


  2. Love those colors… Very whimsical. Glad you discovered some new techniques you like. I’m always extra happy when I stumble upon techniques that I think won’t be for me only to find some new favorites!


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